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Looking positively to the future, determination to help customers achieve their goals and doing everyday tasks to achieve those goals – these are the pillars of Anakom.

Anakom is a company providing its customer with professional training and coaching services. We were established in 1989, so we have a strong foundation to base our training on. Currently we are developing coaching and training services to fulfill the needs of the modern market with digitalization and globalization.

A 30-year-old business specializing in training and coaching. We help companies and individuals in reaching their goals. This we do through training, coaching, work counseling and therapy.  It’s amazing that we’ve been able to walk alongside thousands of people in multiple different situations, both in work and private life, for more than a quarter of a century. Our multi-professional coaches continue to share the passion for developing know-how and personal development. We want to offer our customers the best possible knowledge to develop their own business, their know-how and help their personal journey on self-development.

In the service department, it is plainly clear that we are never ready and we are committed to continuous development.

For years something that acted as a guide at Anakom, was this saying: “I slept and I dreamed that life was about joy. I woke up and realized that life was about providing for others. When I was providing for others, I realized that providing is a joy”.


tel. 029 007 4111
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Our email addresses are in the form of [email protected]
Sirpa Alho-Törrönen, CEO
Tel 044 323 7000
[email protected]

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