Employment services

We work closely together and implement tailored labor services together with ELY Centers, labor administration, cities and projects. We are also involved in several employment development projects / pilots in several areas. There are about 800 personal customers within our employment services continuously.

Individual job training

Supporting your goals and achievement!

Anakom provide tailor-made training in cooperation with TE services, cities and projects in different regions. In coaching, we offer you a tailor-made coaching and job search experience for your coach / trainee. The aim is to carry out individualization of the employment and training arrangements. At present, we are undertaking coaching, for example, in South Savo, North Savo, Central Finland, and Helsinki. Our feedback on our work and the experiences of coaching:

      • I feel like I’m too long unemployed and frustrated! Now I am no longer frustrated by the job seeking process. I got to work, coaching produced results. Thanks for coaching and cooperation with me !!!
      • I now have part-time work. Such services should also be marketed more to other unemployed jobseekers.
      • The trainer knew from the small tips that he was doing well to take the coaching forward – real and tangible things were done for the job seekers who did not think that it was even possible to get help. I came to work.

     Also read this blog post on the job training!

Job Search Coaching

Tools to Realize Objectives!

We have implemented job search trainings with many different emphasis and implementation methods over the years. Our coaching may have been, for example, (eg some of the job search, VideoCV presentations), based on a specific theme of some job search, targeted at target groups and sectoral (eg highly educated, young people), self-recognition and recognition. The aim of our job search training is to support the design of job search and the definition of goals. The focus of the coaching is to get concrete tools for getting your job search and career planning.

Here are the feedback we receive from our Job Search Tutorials

    • Concrete guidance, a calm comfortable atmosphere
    • I got solid knowledge. The instructor was really good
    • I learned new things
    • I got information about new companies where to find them
    • Current affairs were good
    • Good information content. Good facilities.
    • Expert service. It was easy to do
Professional Training & Coaching

Planning Future!

We have conducted career coaching with many different content and target groups around Finland. Our training can be both target group and sector. Coaching might have also been a clear sector and professional emphasis.

Services directed at immigrants

We provide similar services tailored for immigrants:

      • Individual training, with emphasis on the development of vocational vocabulary
      • Career counseling for immigrants
      • Integration training
      • Entrepreneurship training for Immigrants
      • Supplementary training in support of language skills (eg language-type coaching aimed at improving oral language skills)
      • Vocational continuing education tailored to immigrants (such as plain language licensing training)


Pilot projects

In recent years, we have been involved in increasingly tailor-made and result-driven pilots in nationwide collaboration with both the Finnish labor administration, cities and projects.

For example, the next pilots where we are currently involved

  • tailored entrepreneurial training for asylum seekers in North Korea
  • pilot in the construction sector in Central Finland
  • TOPI employment project in Kuopio
  • Targeted job search and coaching in Kuopio
  • Pilot project based in Helsinki

We are committed to developing long-term. Prior to the current pilot projects, we were also working on a number of projects for local government experimentation (five different regions 2013-2015) to develop new models for the employment management that were rooted in the areas.